Supporting the Sacred Journey


In order to address the historical and current realities, this resource was developed in collaboration with key informants, advisors, Elders, traditional people and the staff at Best Start Resource Centre. It provides the cultural and historical foundation needed to work effectively with First Nations people. It creates a cultural bridge by sharing the protocols for referrals to Elders, traditional people or medicine people. It can also reconnect Aboriginal people with lost teachings. This resource also identifies challenges experienced at each of phase of the journey and includes practical tips and resources for practitioners to support First Nations families.


This resource was developed to help service providers who work with First Nations families understand some of the traditional teachings, barriers to practice and challenges facing First Nations people. The information can be used to ensure that evidenced based practice is sensitive to cultural needs and practices. This resource is meant to help strengthen services and foster service coordination to improve service outcomes. It recognizes the key roles of diversity, access and equity in health. This resource is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to prenatal health or to Aboriginal teachings on prenatal health. It provides a starting point for learning, engaging and acknowledging the history and teachings of First Nations people as they begin their parenting journey.


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